Sinta and Jojo Hamil Duluan[Video]

Sinta and Jojo suddenly famous with lipsync song of "keong racun" and make them famous and rich for a moment. And many management made contracts with them as a singer and as advertising model for some product.

Sinta and Jojo this time create new lipsync with a different title than before but still with style ostentatiously cute and funny appearance make the audience interested to see it again and again.

Hamil Duluan that title of new lipsync from sinta and jojo. I think they made new lipsync to make them more famous. But what ever I don't care if they famaous or rich, I care only for entertain, they make Indonesian people are happy and got more entertain than everyday we should to see corruption cases from damn official congressman

Here the video I got it from youtube

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